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Hello Friends!

After a long pause and a move across the country, I am excited to share a few big announcements:

We have officially transitioned from Limbic Fragrances to Limbic Beauty! 

Our new website launched this morning, as well as our new Dehydrated Sea Mineral soak: Desert Bloom.

While our ethos will remain rooted in olfactive provenance, Limbic Beauty will focus on well-being through self-care rituals and a connection to inner beauty and stillness.

All of our fragrances will remain in production with several new bath and body care products to be announced in the coming months. In the meantime, go check out Desert Bloom, our luxurious bath ritual inspired by the Sonoran Desert.

Happy soaking,




Make self-care a daily ritual with the restorative benefits of a warm, soothing bath. This ultra-hydrating blend of unrefined sea minerals and nutrient-dense plant oils offers the perfect antidote to your over-scheduled mind and over-tired body. Wildcrafted prickly pear blossoms and the delicate scent of champaca absolute complete Desert Bloom, a luxurious bath ritual inspired by the Sonoran Desert.  

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Embottose May 31, 2021

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